My Roots

My name is Felecia Scott. I am a Korean Culture and Language major. My minor is in organic and natural bath and body.  I grew up making body oils, balms and soaps with my grandmother, Sarah Scott. She passed down her wisdom and love of bath and body to me. Through the years, I have been making bath and body creations for people with a twist.

I make custom bath and body products known as masterpieces. I let people know the ingredients I had available and the benefits of each one. They would select the ingredients they thought would be great for their skin’s needs or personal preference. No two recipes are alike. Each is uniquely different as every person’s skin needs.

When anyone had any questions about ingredients, scents or products to buy, I was the person they came to.  Affectionately named The Bath and Body Aficionado, someone who’s knowledgeable and passionate about bath and body. Skin care from the neck down, I have it covered.

As my grandmother used to say, “Fads come and go but healthy skin never goes out of style.”

-Felecia Scott