Masterpieces of the Week

These will be the last masterpiece of the week for a few weeks since I leave for Asia from July 4 – Aug. 2, 2017.  I’m celebrating my mother’s 60th birthday which is July 26th and also an early 45th birthday present to myself. My birthday isn’t until Oct. 26 but why not we all deserve to treat ourselves.


Here we have two masterpieces in the making. The right right side is body butter masterpiece made with shea and olive butter. The left is made with match green tea butter which I created using soy butter and matcha green tea. Each were requested unscented.


Happy owner’s of the their prospective body butter. See their orders in the picture below.


The names on the lids are the names of their individual masterpiece. When they need another masterpiece I can look it up by name. This allows for easier replenishment.


I’ve been so busy making everyone else’s masterpiece, I ran a little low. This is a face cream I made for myself. Ingredients: Jojoba butter, Prickly Pear oil, Marula oil and Camellia seed oil. I kept it unscented.

IMG_20170617_142722 (1)

I was running low in rose and lavender oil. I’m just restocking now before I leave for my trip. When I get back they should be ready to go.


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