Bath and Body Masterpieces of the Week

Hello Everyone:

It’s been a busy week. Sorry I haven’t uploaded but I’m working on the videos right now. I leave for Asia July 4th for a month long vacation. I’ve been running around preparing for the trip. I have just over two weeks before I begin my adventure. Even though I’m getting ready for my trip, I’m still busy making bath and body masterpieces for people. .

aloe leaf

My neighbor has been following me on Instagram. She asked if I could make her a shealoe butter lotion masterpiece. She gave me a huge aloe leaf from her backyard to use for her recipe.  Looks like word is spreading. See the next picture for the finished masterpiece.  

aloe vanilla

This is my neighbor Elizabeth lotion masterpiece. Ingredients: shea butter, aloe vera gel, mint tea, olive oil and scented with lemongrass essential oil, per her request. 

infused oil

Private Stock refill order. This was virgin avocado oil infused with Madagascar vanilla beans. You can smell the fragrant vanilla in the oil. This oil takes about six weeks to make. I use it in a shea butter lotion recipe. 

solid perfume

Lavender Lemongrass solid perfume. This was a test batch. Next time I need to add just a little more essential oils of Lavender and Lemongrass.


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